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George Phipps, MA, PCC
Akademik Programlar Danışmanı,
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George Phipps is a seasoned professional and founder of Phipps Training Services. He is a graduate of Royal Roads University with a Masters Degree in Leadership (MA), a certified project manager (PMP) and trained professional coach (ECPC, ACC). Background – George was born and educated in Scotland. Moved to South Africa in 1983 and then to Canada in 1997. His background is Information Technology. He has worked for many profit and non-profit organizations in various consulting, project management, technical support, and senior management positions. After completing a Masters Degree in Leadership at Royal Roads University in 2008, George decided he needed a change of direction in his career. In 2009 he embarked on and completed professional coach training and entered the world of Human Resources consulting in the areas of Organizational Development & Training. Experience -George has over 30 years working experience in both private and non-profit organizations. He has worked in many different industries including: banking, education, transportation, oil, research, insurance, high tech, healthcare etc. Specific experience includes:

  • Project management
  • Program development (coaching, mentorship, strategic planning & change)
  • Facilitation
  • Strategy Planning
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coaching
  • Training Managing change Team building

Recent achievements

  • Completion of MA master’s thesis “ How mentorship can support emerging leaders” (2008)
  • Development of a facilitated mentorship program for Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) IT (2008)
  • Established Phipps Training Services (2009)
  • Certified as a professional coach through the International Coaches Federation (2009)
  • Development of a career laddering & succession planning program for Allied Health at VCH & FH (2010)
  • Development of a career pathing program, several workshops, training modules and presentations for the University of British Columbia (UBC) (2011)

Passion: “My passion lies in expanding human potential” – G.Phipps

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