Mastering Facilitation Program

In a competitive business world, facilitators are needed in order for institutions to achieve constructive and positive outcomes. A manager can speed up his/her organizational potential day by day and facilitate the process in order to transform his/her performance. The goal of the program is creating action encouraging, solution and outcome focused, creative managers who focus on the positive.

The contents of the program;

  • Description of the manager
  • Goal focused process management
  • Focusing on the goal
  • Sustainability
  • Important discrepancies in the common vision
  • Facilitating the process increases efficiency
  • Establishing the vision of the meeting
  • Goal focused relationship
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FLOW Coaching International, meets parents between the Modul 1: Foundation 21 – 22 th October 2017 Modul 2: Growth 09 - 10 th December 2017

Which of these criteria do you think is the most important for successful leadership?
Being able to inspire
Having a vision
Providing trust
Having ethical values
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