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Directing people in a successful manner is really a struggle. Sometimes it involves impactful behavior, sometimes a hard struggle, sometimes a big opportunity; however, it is always a responsibility that brings with it a deep awareness. The business life of the modern world depicts a leader profile of someone who conducts research in order to be a successful leader, someone who attaches importance to acquiring new information with each passing day, someone who follows cultural activities and socio-cultural changes closely. In this program, as you find the answer to the question "Which school of art represents your way of expressing yourself as a leader?" you will learn what the values of new generation leaders are. As you realize that storytelling plays a big role in the understanding of leadership, you will witness that making a mark is thekey of the hidden camera. Culture follows the leader!

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FLOW Coaching International, meets parents between the Modul 1: Foundation 21 – 22 th October 2017 Modul 2: Growth 09 - 10 th December 2017

Which of these criteria do you think is the most important for successful leadership?
Being able to inspire
Having a vision
Providing trust
Having ethical values
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