Avril Orloff

Avril Orloff
Graphic Recorder & Facilitator /Teacher
World Cafe Hosting & Recording 

Avril Orloff is a graphic facilitator who helps people see what they're saying by translating their thoughts into vivid and powerful images. Using a combination of words, symbols and pictures, she works in real time to capture ideas as they emerge, creating a visual record of the conversation that reveals the 'big picture' as well as key details.

Avril has mapped conferences, dialogues, strategic planning meetings, visioning sessions and leadership workshops for corporations, community groups, government agencies and educational institutions. She also creates custom graphics for clients who want to present information in a concise and engaging way, and teaches courses in graphic recording to enable facilitators and others to incorporate visual elements into their note-¬‐taking.

Avril also likes to provide space for participants to exercise their own creativity. She has discovered that when people start making art, they access places in their minds that can’t be reached through words alone. This leads to fresh insights and intuitive leaps that are at the heart of all innovation.

Avril has a degree in Communication & Design from the Ontario College of Art, an Honours BA in Philosophy from McGill University, and an MA in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.

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